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     We frame plates like never before


Elegance, style, fashionable, excellent quality are just a few of the comments that

we hear from our customers.  Our frames are made from the finest quality

materials made to last generations. 





Plates 'n Frames

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Choose from a wide variety of frames


You don't have to display your plates in flimsy tri-pods or cheap wire holders. 

No glass to distract your view.

Plates 'n Frames now offers many frames to choose from.

Take those plates off the shelf and display them with the attention they deserve.

Now plates can be displayed in elegant, beautiful frames which can be

  the center of any wall decor.

Display your plates with pride and renew your

  love for these wonderful collectibles. 

For large quantities please contact us directly for pricing.

  Our method of housing plates in frames is protected under the US patent laws.

  For more information on our patent contact:

We owe our thanks to Valentine Woodworks and Delgado Bros.  for their help

in manufacturing our Custom Plate Frames.

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